In His Most Holy Name

Blessed Sacrament - Jesus' name. Image courtesy of

Today, 31 January, is the Feast of the Most Holy Name of Jesus which is celebrated by all Daughters of Divine Zeal and Rogationists. For us this Feast is an important devotion as it is the day of the “Great Supplica” when we present petitions, praises and thanksgiving before the Blessed Sacrament.

Each person is unique and identified by his or her name. Names are very important to each individual because they have a deeper meaning, conveying a significant part of the person’s  history.

Even the Son of God has a name: JESUS – a name that has the power to convey to us that He is the Emmanuel: God with us.  He is the chosen and anointed one by God the Father, the meek lamb who takes away the sins of the world, the Messiah and the many other descriptions and titles for Him as mentioned in the scriptures.

In His Most Holy Name we are saved – we say Jesus Christ’s name with great reverence.  In the same way we are called to respect every one’s name because each one is in God’s image and is a masterpiece of His hands. Each person is His unique gift to humanity, loved by God as we are born of His love. If we are disrespectful to one another, we are not recognising that we and the other are gifts from God. We are disrespectful to the One who loves us as the Creator of everything.  We become not even grateful for His love for us.

By invoking the Most Holy Name of Jesus we are in His presence – He truly is with us. Every time we utter His name we are in communion and abiding with Him. Being in His presence we are benefitted by His holiness and goodness. We believe that He is the Most Holy One, God the Almighty. He is above all that is in heaven and on earth.

Let us continue to trust in Him and say a Prayer in Honour of the Most Holy Name of Jesus!



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