I want to see Jesus

I want to see Jesus. Image courtesy of pixabay.comOur life is a continuous searching for the One in whom we believe has a power that is higher and greater than any of us.  We believe that this Someone is important in our life. We identify Him as God and we believe in His existence.

Our faith journey starts from the day of our birth and is handed on to us from our parents. As we grow in age, knowledge, faith and wisdom, our search for God never falters and never ends while we live on earth. I believe that our life’s purpose begins with Him – and hopefully it shall end with Him and for Him because ultimately our life comes from Him.

Notice how many important biblical characters had an ongoing search for God throughout their lives: Abraham, Moses, Zachery, Mary and Martha, and many others all had different encounters with God, the same as we have in our moments with God who touches our life. The challenge for us is to look into our own life experience of our encounter with Him. God will always take the initiative to be the first to meet us. Those who heard or experienced Jesus followed immediately in His footsteps, wherever He went and in whatever He did. Some at the beginning of their following did so out of curiosity. From that curiosity they were led to a commitment to be with Jesus, with Him at the centre of their lives.

Many of us want to see Jesus.  For myself, I want to see Jesus and feel His presence everyday. Many are attracted to Jesus because in Him there is truthfulness, peace, acceptance, love, life and all that keeps our heart in goodness and joy. We want to stay with Him and to establish a deep relationship with Him. He claims us to be His own precious treasure. He is  good and loving to us and He will never leave us alone. He remains faithful because He cannot deny us.

The Lord is righteous in all his ways and faithful in all he does. (Ps 145: 17)

Jesus claims us as one of His friends. He is the truest amongst all the friends that we have. He knows our innermost being and what is inside our heart and mind. In our anxiety, sorrows, and problems we are in great need of His presence.

When I feel down and lonely, I ask God, “where are You in this moment of my anguish, failure and distress?”  I have been praying and asking for help but it seems that I am never heard, whatever my supplications. But then I have come to realize that He is there in our deepest sorrows. He is with us, suffers with us, weeps with us and consoles us, because He too experienced how it feels to be dejected, bullied, and alone when He was in the deepest sorrows of His life here on earth. For us it is very easy to see God in our high and joyful moments and in the smoothness of our journeyed life but in those down moments it seems we are alone with our cross.

We may not see that God is actually working in our life. We look and cannot find Him.  We would do better to see Him with the eyes of faith. God always answers our prayers – His answer may be received quickly or can be delayed so that it is given to us in the fullness of time – a time of God’s choosing. We need only be patiently waiting for the right time so that we can better understand for what we are praying. He will always direct us and lead us to realize a deeper meaning in the situations that we face.

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