Our life’s journey

Contemplating life's journey. Image courtesy of pixabay.com

As 2017 begins to ebb away, we contemplate life.

We are travellers on a journey. Some are ahead of us, some are starting their first steps and others are in the middle of their life. At any stage, God is leading us to the life which is the best for us.  In travelling we have learned and witnessed the ups and downs of our life and in others’ lives too. The experiences we have on this journey will gain us wisdom and understanding of what life is offering and/or meant for us. As time passes, by moving onward, we reach near the end of life. We may have a short life or a long life.

When the call of death arrives, let us be prepared always because we do not know when it comes. That is why we keep on trying to live the best of our life. Every step is important and precious to be with God letting Him be involved in our travelling. Let us look at how He journeyed through His life with humility, truthfulness, justice, love, sorrows, pains and everything as a human like us. The rise and fall we have experienced is part of our existing life, they call us be humble to rise up again and again, move on and continue the journey with dignity.

In the nursing home where I visit and give communion to the Catholic residents there, I can see that these people who have long journeyed through their life are now on God’s waiting list and near their ending. The nursing home has many activities offered to them to keep their life active, healthy, lively and useful in spite of their illness and old age. They provide everything to improve life and for their wellbeing. It helps them to continue to be hopeful, accepting reality and is supposed to prepare them for a happy ending.

One resident once shared with me that he was always ready for when God calls him to eternal life. He feels that he is going there.  He prepares himself by praying always the rosary many times in a day, as the rosary is always at his side, always praying not only for himself but for others too like his family, friends and all the people in the world. This leads me to reflect that he has a constant disposition of praying to God making him peaceful, serene and entrusting everything to God.

Our journeyed life here on earth is not permanent. It has its own ending. We are only temporary residents, whether we are rich or poor does not matter – we are journeying in the same direction towards our destiny, and towards having a peaceful ending moment. Today our elders await the call of death and tomorrow it will be our turn.

This is the trip of life.  We cannot make our own choices of when, how, where, and what we want to be for our life’s ending. It is in God’s hands for the right time for us to rest eternally. In the end we are by our own self and we have nothing to bring with us. We cannot even carry things that are valuable or so important to us in this world. We must only have God in our heart if we want to be with Him at our last breath of our life so that we may enter into  the eternal life that is offered to us forever.

Once again, happy journeying with the Lord because with Him and in Him, He is our true joy of hope, love and inspiration that makes this life so wonderful and beautiful to live.

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