The gift

Jesus, the gift. Image composite of photos/illustrations courtesy of

Christmas is one of the most awaited great celebrations of the year, because it is the birth of Christ. He is the most valuable gift we will ever receive. Jesus Christ is the essence of Christmas and that is why we are happy to celebrate it as He brings  joy into everyone’s heart. With Him, in Him, and due to His very presence and essence, our heart is filled with love, faith, peace, hope, unity and reconciliation among us, in each family, every nation and throughout the world. We feel the fullness of life that we are looking forward to because of Him.

Love is the spirit of Christmas because of Jesus loving us all. Once we recognize that He is a gift given to us we are grateful and happy. We deeply feel the joy within because we are important to Him and are loved by Him. The sharing of gifts with one another is a symbol and expression of the sharing of our love for each other. The challenge for us is to live in Christ’s love and to be open to become a gift for others. We also need to accept and recognize that others, too, are gifts from God to us.

Whether a gift is small or big does not matter – it has an important, deeper meaning. There is an underlying value in the gift giving: it is a self-giving to another with all our heart and love.

Let us be grateful to God for His love and His presence in our life.  We have many reasons to be thankful to Him for the gifts we have received in life. Once we identify these gifts, we are to share them generously with others, especially those who are in need of help.

The Christmas season is a season filled with His love. Merry Christmas to each and everyone! Let us welcome the newborn child in our heart and in our home. He is the love and the joy of our heart.

Let us now make a Novena to the Divine Child Jesus.

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