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Pope Gregory the Great used a metaphor of the seedling to explain something of love:

“In the soil of our heart God first planted the root of love for Him, from this, like the leaf, sprouts love for one another.” (49th World Youth Day)

What a wonderful gift we have received from God – the gift of love instilled in our hearts for God and others.

It is the month of November and once again we celebrate the feasts of all Saints and all Souls.  It is a day of remembering our grandparents, parents, other relatives, friends, and all our brothers and sisters in Christ who have gone ahead of us to heaven.  In a special way I would like to pause for a moment to revisit the memories I have had with my most loving and best friend: my mother – a caring mother who has gone in this life over two years ago.

My mother was a simple woman, blessed with a responsible husband and gifted with eight children.  Like other mothers, she always looked out for the needs of her children.  Above all she extended her love for others, especially those who needed help.  I clearly remember when she said to us:  “We have to be generous to all, especially the needy”.  Her care and goodness was well remembered especially by those people who knew her. During her wake a distant relative said: “She was the best mother I ever met”.  I was impressed by his comment about my best friend, my mother. Yes, I could say that she was a woman of faith and love.

I recall that while I was away on a mission, my mother had rung me and said:  “It’s your birthday today and I baked your favourite delicacies”.  How lovely!  I was filled with joy and deep gratitude to her.  Furthermore, she always listened and loved to share and update me.  Thus, there was no special event nor news that did not reach me.  Her constant sharing inspired me to thank God for His many blessings:  “So wonderful to be with my loving family, especially with my mother who has guided me and taught me to be a person who cares for others.”

My mother is no longer with us but the love she shared with us is always felt and remembered and, today as always, I say to her:

My dear mother, may you rest in peace along with all the souls who have gone in this world.  The loving memories I have of you are enormously appreciated.  Thanks forever!

Lastly, I had an amazing experience involving her, way back in 2015, even though she was no longer with us.  I had prayed and asked for her intercessions.  The grace I asked was granted by God.  It amazes me that even though she is no longer in this life, she still listens and intercedes for us.  My spiritual director told me: “Put on the first line of all the saints your motherShe looks after you and your loved ones.”  I thank God for His constant affection through my mother and others.

Mothers are all special to their children.  May they always be loved, thanked and respected.  They are always a mother and friend, and they are close to our hearts.  Dear mothers all over the world, I salute your love for our God and your family.  May God bless you all!


  1. Your mother sounds like she was – and still is – a beautiful person. Very fitting that you should write about her not only on All Souls Day, but just after All Saints Day – she sounds like she was a saint on earth and now in Heaven. Beautiful article, Sister.

    • Yvonne thank you so much for your lovely compliments to my mother. Indeed she’s a little saint while on earth and now she’s with God the source of her love and kindness. Praise and glory to Him. May she intercede for us and those in need. God bless you and your family! 🙂

  2. Although she’s not here anymore, I have some comforting fond memories of her and I am grateful.
    If I miss her that much her 8 children and husband of almost 70 years misses her even more.
    She was a loving, selfless, humble and a gorgeous woman with beautiful long hair and flawless skin and I do mean flawless. May she rest in peace and I become half the woman she was.

    • Cherry, thanks! We praise and thank God for the person of nana Macaria. Her love, kindness and care be always in our hearts. God bless! 🙂

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