Every vocation is an act of love

Perpetual Profession of Srs Marie Pauline and Marie Louse in Rwanda
Perpetual Profession of FDZ Srs Marie Pauline and Marie Louise in Rwanda

Very great is the love that God gives in the case of a vocation to special consecration to serving Him and His Church: a vocation to the priesthood, the diaconate, the religious life, the ideals of the secular institutes, or to the dedication to the missions. There should therefore be a specially great capacity of loving on the part of those who receive this privileged and demanding call.

Paulus PP. VI
30 Dec 1976

On 08 September 2017, Sister Marie Pauline and Sister Marie Louise in Kabutare, Rwanda made their Perpetual Profession.  The celebration all united us in thanking and praising the Lord for the gift of their religious vocation.

Their testimony of life given to the Lord, the sense of belonging to the Institute and the mission, will be an example for the young people they will meet on their religious journey.

Let us assure them of our prayers and call upon them the blessing of our Father Founder St Annibale Maria Di Francia, and co-foundress Madre Maria Nazarena Majone.

Please feel welcome to add your prayers.

Article and Image Source: Un “Si” per sempre (A “Yes” for always)

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  1. Every person has a vocation – that determined pull or force that leads you to whatever brings you great happiness, joy, and a feeling of complete and unwavering fulfilment. It is a knowing and sense of absolute belonging – a certainty and strength that you are meant to be ‘there’ in your calling as a teacher, religious sister or priest, parent, spouse, or single friend available for others. It is your space and time to use the talents and gifts God has given you.

    A vocation need not be grand or bring you fame and fortune – it is your link to the divine, becoming your very breath and ultimately leads you to love.

    Thank you, Sisters, for your commitment and example, and may God bless your journeys ahead – your smiles say it all!

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