Following Christ

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Our life is destined to a certain calling. Everyday is an unfolding journey towards where we are destined to be. Amongst our choices in life is the one leading us to the most important decision of all – that of choosing and responding to the vocation of our life.  Our Lord calls us to remain with Him, forming our life to become who we are meant to be as God created.

Choosing a vocation needs a lot of prayer to help us discern well which is the way for us. It is already in our heart whatever we desire for a lifetime commitment, whether that be in married life, single blessedness or religious or priestly life. We pray to God and humbly ask Him for guidance that will help us to make a good decision in life. We may also ask spiritual guidance from others we trust, like a priest, nun/sister or layperson, whom we believe can help us during that period of discernment.

In the case of the disciples, they experienced Jesus in their life.  When Jesus called them, they left everything and followed Him. They were able to listen to Jesus’ voice and they were happy with their chosen vocation.

After you have answered His call, continue praying for your daily perseverance. Difficulties and the Cross are part of your calling – these can help you to grow in faith, hope and love.

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