Encounter of love

The years fly by swiftly – and this year, 2017, marks my twenty-three years as a Religious. These years have been full of blessings and gratitude to God.  I reminisce about when I publicly pronounced my vows to God – the vows of chastity, poverty, obedience and Zeal for the Rogate – with four other young Novices.  For me, it is a blessing to be counted among those chosen by God.  The journey has been full of excitement and surprises, and the aspect of this journey that I have cherished much is the love that I feel with the Lord.  A love that is only getting stronger and deeper.

To be in love with God is a blessing and that love is deepened through God’s grace.  In my recent meditation, I was struck by these lines:

Christian faith does not rest on a dogma or any philosophical idea.  It rests on a relationship with, and in, Christ. (Daily Gospel 2017)

What a marvellous feeling and knowledge that in a relationship with Jesus is meant my ALL in life.  Jesus who stands always with me and loves me with His undivided heart. 

I long to remain faithful to God till the end of my life.  It is not easy to do this thus I humbly ask you: please include me in your prayers.  Thanks!

St Annibale Maria Di Francia, our founder, exhorted us these words:

Dearest children, I exhort you to expand your heart in the most holy love of the adorable, most loving Jesus our Lord…If you can do a favor to Jesus, the best you can do is to say “I love you”.  He longs for and wants love from us.  Let us say it, therefore, over and over again; when unable to speak, we will say it by heart!  So that no moment of our life be without pronouncing such a saying, we declare that we intend to repeat “Jesus I love you” at each beat of our heart.  Jesus deserves our love; why shouldn’t we heartily reciprocate his infinite love by loving him with our little love?  We say therefore, over and over again with all our heart:  “Jesus, I love you”. (RA, p. 67)

The exhortation of Fr Founder is amazing.  It deepens when I meditate upon the greatest commandment of God:

…and you shall love the Lord, your God, with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind and with all your strength. (Mark 12:30)

At that very moment I felt how much the Lord wants me to love Him.  I thanked God with tears in my eyes, full of joy and love, and I said, “Jesus I love you.”  It made me realize the importance of the exhortation of Fr Founder, to say: “Jesus I love you” at every beat of our hearts.  It is a moment of grace and encounter with the Lord to deepen my love with and in Him.  Love that would lead me to share it with others.

Is there somebody you should love yet you cannot bring yourself to do so?  Pray and ask for God’s intervention that you may love that person selflessly.  Let us say, “Lord thank you for your love and may we love you till the end of our lives.”

Similarly a good person draws good things from the good in his heart,… for the mouth speaks from the fullness of the heart. (Lk. 6:45)

Once we feel the love of God, let us not keep it to ourselves – instead, let us share it so that others may love and feel loved by God.


  1. Happy twenty-three years as a Religious Sr Tina! Thank you for showing God’s love to us all with your gentle presence and service, and may He bless you for twenty-three more years, plus!!

    • Thanks Yvonne, Let’s continue to pray for each other. May God will always guide and help me along my journey towards holiness. Thanks for your prayers and care! 🙂

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