Fools for Christ

Man walking through desert. Image courtesy of

We are here on this planet earth for a reason and with a purpose for our life. A purpose that leads us to our destiny and fate. This life that we have is a great gift from God because He loves us. He gives us so much love that our life is filled with grace upon grace. It is an amazingly great thing to live a life full of the love of God – the One who has loved us first and takes care of us. His love is free willing, stress free and lets us grow as a human being in choosing the status of life we want to have: forever single, as a married person or in consecrated life. Married life is the status chosen most by many compared to single blessedness and the religious or priestly life are chosen by only a few. What matters most, however, is to live with God as the centre of everything in our life – no matter the calling in life to which we have responded.

Fools for Christ are those people who zealously follow and witness how He loves and serves those who are most in need of help. They are fools for Him because their experience of God is so deep and with a profound faith. They are people who are attracted to Christ’s lifestyle, His totality, His being, His ways of living and loving because He is in everything except sin. Jesus’ love, care and attention is so amazing and complete that it can never be compared to anyone else. He is the faithful one, a fool for loving us so unconditionally and teaching us how to live out His love with compassion and mercy. He always assures us of His presence.

Lord Jesus, help us to be faithful to the vocation to which we have responded. May we continue to persevere in loving You and loving others too. We make this prayer in the unity of the Holy Triune God, forever and ever, Amen.


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