Forgiveness from the heart

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“I say to you not seven times but seventy-seven times.” (Mt. 18:22)

My heart sings for joy when I experience the mercy and love of Jesus. With His words above I feel how vast is the mercy of Christ. His forgiveness and love are not only for one sinner but for everyone.

For every single sin, whether it be slight or heavy, a shortcoming or failure, etc, we have to ask for forgiveness and to forgive wholeheartedly. Forgive not only those people who have hurt us or who have done wrong to us but even ourselves.  For who am I to hold grudges, hatred and anger for others?  Yes! God is so loving and merciful.  He is our model of love and forgiveness.

When I meditate upon the words of God I can’t help it but find that it recurs within me the hurt that I felt some years past.  Hurt that I thought was already healed since I had forgiven the person concerned many long years ago.  Yet, I place myself in a position to relish the words of Jesus: “I say to you not seven times but seventy seven times.” It touches my heart, the forgiveness that we ask from God; it is an an endless forgiveness for others.  And so I humbly pray to God: Lord, please grant me the grace to forgive from my heart.  In the stillness of my heart I forgive the person who has hurt me and I feel relief and at peace at that moment.

Forgiveness from the heart is real and sincere.  It gives peace to our minds and joy to our whole being.  The hurt feelings and pains vanish and it graces us with lovely feelings such as serenity and love.  Par excellence is the mercy and love of God for all of us.  We need to listen and follow His example of forgiveness and mercy.

Is there anyone who needs your forgiveness?  Pray for them and forgive from your heart.  Reconcile and receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

Lord, thank you for your mercy and forgiveness for all our sins.  Grant that we may live with a humble and forgiving heart.

A blessed journey for all of us towards holiness!

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