Meekness has power

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When I hear the word meekness it seems to come across as a simple, weak word.  Yet, this word has deeper meaning. It is a word that is used in Scripture many times to signify and give emphasis to the description of Jesus: He is meek and humble of heart, He is the lamb of God …meek as a lamb – that is our God.  Jesus is meek with a heart so pure, good, gentle, forgiving, merciful, compassionate, and filled with love.

Meekness actually gives power to the person who has this kind of heart. For example, when Jesus is being humiliated in the  midst of His persecution, He never says a single word – in His heart he only knows love. His heart is love. His heart is unchangeable and totally for love. He conquers death over sin because He loves totally – without condition or reservation – as He gives His life to the full.  It is a total offering of Himself to the highest point of loving such that nothing remains of Him as He gives all of Himself. In His being meek and humble of heart – a heart that knows no ill feelings nor disgust, no revenge, nor the state of being depressed or experiencing many other negative feelings – He can only be full of pure love. We continue to learn from Jesus and we ask Him the grace to have a heart filled with His love:

Thank you, Lord, for loving us continuously.  You never get tired of loving us and you accept us as we are, even with our sinfulness, limitations and unfaithfulness. Help us to live in your presence at the centre of our life and form our heart so that it is like yours – a heart that is meek, humble and contrite. Amen

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