Mary is filled with God’s love

Our Lady of Mt Carmel. Image courtesy of

Today (16 July) is the Feast Day of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

“Whenever I see the Daughters of Divine Zeal with their religious brown habit, I am reminded of the Father Founder’s Devotion to Mary under the title of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. The brown religious habit of the sisters is a sure sign that at some point of Father Founder’s life, he had a special attention to this Marian devotion and wanted his sons and daughters to share and embrace this devotion. I would like to make mention also that Fr. Hannibal joined the Third Order of the Carmelite and was given the religious name John of the Cross.” — Ton, St. Hannibal’s Devotion to Our Lady of Mt. Carmel

God prepares each one of us for a particular purpose in life and He prepared a very special person who had – and still has – a big role for the human history of each soul’s salvation. Mary is her name, she is the one who God prepared for a big mission in life. On this Feast Day, let us pause to spend some time with our Blessed Mother…

Mary, with your total love, humility and trust in God, you gained confidence as you accepted the will of the Father. Here you are, the one who has a big heart as the Mother of Jesus who is the Son of God. Together with Jesus you were able to face the most difficult challenges in life that you ever experienced.  Even until that last hour of your Son’s death, you were able to stand at the foot of His cross to accompany Him to His last breath.

Mary, so big is your heart that you overcame your human weaknesses because of the love of God that is within you, keeping you inspired.  God gave you enough strength to handle life’s battles and to always do the right thing. Despite going through the worst experiences, you taught us, Mary, to live life with dignity and love, all for the love of God. You drew from your inner strength – the strength of God which kept your faith growing stronger and more deeply for God. You  surpassed everything until the end because you loved much, loving God above all things.

Mary, loving God deeply becomes the sentiment of God’s love in your heart – a love that is so pure and unselfish. Your heart is grounded and founded in the love of God, and your heart is full of a love that leads you to the perfection of God’s love. Having a pure heart casts out all fears and there is no room for weaknesses.

Only perfect love can strengthen the weary heart.  As I pause here, I am happy and inspired, Mary.  You teach us how to live this life filled with God’s love. You are ahead of us, helping to lead us on the only perfect way to our life’s journey of faith, hope and love for your Son, Jesus.

“St. Hannibal sees the Blessed Virgin as the one who points and brings all Christians most surely to Christ. He believes that the only way to Jesus for every Christian believer is through the intercession of his beloved Mother. She can always make a way to soften the hardened hearts of people and bring them closer to God to be their strength and refuge. In as much as St. Hannibal dedicates his whole life for the education of the young and the tireless service and help of the poor, the Blessed Virgin bestows her grace on all the works so that everything will be pleasing in the eyes of God. …[Let us] give witness to the Blessed Mother’s love for the harvest of the Lord.” — Ton, St. Hannibal’s Devotion to Our Lady of Mt. Carmel

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