Dating with Jesus

Spending time with Jesus

It is an uplifting joy to be with the one with whom you are deeply in love. Both of you are learning to know more about one another and to be more fully grounded with each other. It is important, too, to set aside an agreed time to enjoy the moment with the beloved one whom you adore.

It is the same in a context of a group or an organisation, whether religious or not, to be together in common with a reason, to celebrate a very important occasion. I relate this to a very special moment for us as the congregations founded by St. Annibale: the Daughters of Divine Zeal and the Rogationists of the Heart of Jesus. July the first is so important for us because it is the first coming of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament who dwells in our institute permanently. It is a very significant day to celebrate with gratitude for Jesus’ Eucharistic presence in the tabernacle, where Father Founder prepared everything for Jesus’ first coming in the small chapel of Avignone in the squatters’ area. He prepared the place, songs of praises, prayers, the children, poor, and the orphans.

The month of July is here and our hearts are already joyful.  Today is a day of rejoicing because it is a joyful celebration on the anniversary of Jesus’ Eucharistic Divine Presence in the Institute. It has been our fixed ‘date’ with Jesus that has always been prepared for and remembered. It is a time to be with Him in prayer, adoration and to be fully aware of His presence. Those who belong to the Rogationist family are one in communion with each other in celebrating  this wonderful event as St. Annibale recognised:

“…that the true, effective, and immediate founder of this pious institute is Jesus in the Holy Sacrament…”

Indeed, He is the Divine Founder, Jesus, and the centre of our Eucharistic life.

A Great Grace

O merciful Jesus, who said:
“The harvest is great, but the labourers are few,
pray therefore the Master of the harvest that
He may send workers in the harvest”.
In obedience to this command,
we beg You ardently so that You deign to arouse
apostolic men in all the world,
who, inflamed, with Your love
and with the zeal of Your glory
and the health of the souls,
be Your worthy representatives,
chosen ministers, and royal priesthood.

For Your mercy, O Jesus,
grant to the Church this great grace,
do not look at our sins,
but for the greater glory.


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