Saint Anthony of Padua, intercede for us

St Anthony of Padua by Francisco de Goya [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Today (13 June) is the Feast Day of St. Anthony of Padua who is one of the most popular saints of all time. The Church proclaimed him as the “Doctor of the Church, and the patron of the poor and those who have suffered loss”. I came to know him more when I entered the convent.

St. Anthony is one of the most known and favorite saints. In our institute we pray and ask God, through his intercession,  when we are in need of help for our assisted children, and especially when we require material support. Our Father Founder, St. Annibale Maria Di Francia, fully trusted him when in times of urgent need for our daily sustenance. To this day we continue praying and asking for his help.

Every Tuesday is a day for us, the Daughters of Divine Zeal, to be with St. Anthony of Padua.  We honour him with songs and prayers. We believe that miracle upon miracle happens in our institutes, since from the beginning of our existence. He is one of our divine benefactors, he intercedes for us and his generous assistance to us keeps our institutes going on and on. For years and  years we have survived through the sufficient providence that has sustained us in all of our apostolates.  Consequently we believe in God’s help through his intercession, until this present time.

On this feast of St. Anthony of Padua, we are especially grateful for him assisting and supporting us always in times of need.

Prayer to Saint Anthony of Padua

O glorious St. Anthony of Padua,
you were a living flame of
faith, charity and zeal;
you have consumed your life
for the salvation of souls
and for the glory of God.

Only in eternity will we know
how ardent your heart was
for the gathered harvest
in the granary of heaven.
Only in eternity will we know
with what commitment of love
you have responded
to the command of the divine zeal
of the heart of Jesus:
“Pray the Lord of harvest
He may send workers in His harvest.”

With great confidence
we come before you,
to ask you humbly and fervently,
to implore from the most Holy Trinity
and from the hearts of Jesus and Mary,
the spirit of evangelical prayer
to obtain good workers for the holy Church.

If souls, even the most fervent,
are as dormant and drowsy
or superficially enforced
to this important prayer,
you,  who are the Saint of miracles,
obtain from the Hearts of Jesus and Mary
this great miracle:
the interior eyes of every soul
who is in love, and especially those souls
to whom the interest
of the most Sacred Heart of Jesus is entrusted,
direct their attention
to this repeated Divine command,
and all the hearts may be shaken
and may be filled with zeal
of this evangelical Rogation,
And from the new abundance of the heart
resound and expand for the Church
and for the whole world
the efficacious prayer to obtain good workers
for the divine harvest of the Lord.


St. Anthony of Padua intercede for us.

Image Credit: Saint Anthony of Padua and the Christ Child by Francisco de Goya [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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