A daily song of praise

Bird singing. Image courtesy of pixabay.com

As the days grow colder and we watch the trees turn from green to the beautiful colours of Autumn and then to the bareness of Winter, it feels natural to want to retreat indoors, crawl into bed, be silent, and hibernate until Spring.  But we must still show up for work, school, or go about our daily lives, because we need to keep going.  Some of us will struggle with the cold, while others will revel in the crisp air, foggy mornings, and soaking rain over the heat of Summer.

As we slide into these darker seasons, I have really been noticing the birds.  Where do they go?  What do they do?  Every day when I travel home from work, amidst the noisy traffic and inner city rush, one sound rises above it all – the dusk chorus of birds.  There is a particularly large tree in one street where these birds – which I cannot see hidden deep inside – congregate to sing continuously, loudly, and simultaneously.  Without fail, regardless of the weather, every day they gather in this tree and sing their little hearts out.

While this is not new to me, I wanted to know if there was a true purpose to it, and what it meant.  The internet offers several reasons – they are male birds singing to establish and protect their territory, to warn other males, to attract mates, etc.  But for me, the singing feels like something more.  Long before I approached my computer to search, I had already made up my mind: I like to think that this is their final daily song of praise to God.

These birds are city creatures and have it tough – they rough it outdoors in the elements, they scavenge for food, and they blend in so well with the concrete that we barely notice them.  Some may call them rats of the sky, as they are so common.  They live not even knowing if they will see another moment.  In our eyes, they may have every reason to feel hopeless – yet there they are at the same time every day, sitting in the same tree and singing together.  I like to believe that they are thanking God with their music because they made it through another day of life, because they are His creation, He notices them, and simply because He is there.

And I am beginning to discern the tiny voices, the loud voices, the screechy voices, the low voices, the long trills, and the shorter tweets.  Each one has their own pattern and style, and they do not stop to worry about what we humans may be thinking about it all.  I have visited this particular tree at a closer distance and enjoyed their confident musical prayer, always walking away uplifted.

And so it is the same for us, you see.  We are God’s creatures and should also take the time to thank Him for giving us the strength to live through another day, for the simple things we often take for granted, like breathing, walking, sight, food, shelter, and so on.  Thank Him for the wonder that you are, and more importantly, for being the amazingly patient and loving Creator of this phenomenal planet and universe.  The same Creator who designed every feather on every one of those birds, who gave them the ability to sing their simple tunes, is the same Creator who made you.

So go ahead and sing a daily song of praise to Him.  Time is not our own and, like those birds, we do not know if we will be here tomorrow.

Image courtesy of pixabay.com

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