Love begets love!

Faith, Hope, but the greatest of these is Love

Love is a great gift we should cherish each moment in our life.

All Christians, I presume, know the two greatest commandments of God:

‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind’; and, ‘Love your neighbour as yourself.’ (Lk. 10:27)

God loves us so much and He want us to love Him and to love one another.  As child of God I have experienced this first hand, being loved by the Lord and my family.  I have simple experiences that somehow I have cherished throughout my life.  As my mother recounted, my aunt has had a particular love for me since birth.  She was so kind and generous to us and treated me as her own daughter. What a great gift of love and sensibility to her brother’s children.   I have cherished this a lot!

A few years ago I was assigned to an apostolate with children.  They asked me a simple question that I still remember, “What is your secret in cooking, Sister?”  And they added, “The food is so delicious.”  I smiled and simply answered them, “Well, I mixed it with love.”  They all smiled at me and I told them that this was the secret!  Yes, in every little thing I do I am passionate, and I do it with love.  Thus I feel such joy in every commitment I have had.  Simple, and yet it makes a difference for me and for others.  Love is a splendour of gifts that one can share and cherish in life.

Let us gaze at Jesus upon the Cross, so full of love for us! He offered His life for our salvation.  What a great love for all of us, His children. If we share the love that we have received from Him, we are fulfilling the greatest commandment: loving God and our neighbour.  True love can touch the hearts of others – like the true love that you have for your parents, children, husband, fiancee and others.  True love lasts forever.

Let us continue loving others as God loves them and in everything we do,  let us do it with love. This will give us inner peace and joy. Let love be always in our hearts… that love that we have received from God.  Share constantly, even in difficult moments, and that love is even more precious than other gifts that one can ever receive.

Recently, I celebrated my birthday and what made it special was the short message of my nephew who said, “Happy Birthday, Sister, I miss you.  I love you so much.  Take care always, Sister, and enjoy your day.”  What a great message of love from his heart – a message that touched my heart.

When was the last time you truly loved God and others?  Lord, grant us the grace to fulfill your commandment to love You and our neighbour.  May the Blessed Mother Mary be our constant guide in the journey of faith and love.  Love begets love!

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