Meeting Jesus on the road of our life

Jesus with the disciples on the road to Emmaus
We can feel the Lord’s call at the strangest places and times. The call can haunt us and pursue us until we say, “Lord, what will you have me do?” — Third Sunday of Easter – A Vocation View

We have gone through our mourning of the Lord’s passion and death. The Easter Season brings us to rejoicing because the Lord has risen from the dead as He has promised. The Easter readings have led us to contemplate, in our prayer, the occurrences when Jesus appeared to the Apostles and His loved ones.  His apparition was a happy ending because their sorrows were turned into joy and they were never to be afraid again. Their faith was strengthened and they fearlessly continued preaching the good news. The locked doors of their hearts were opened and they were ready for a new beginning in their lives, for the mission entrusted to them.

For Mary of Magdala and other women, any obstacles they faced were conquered. This was seen through their fearless visits to Jesus’ tomb after His death, showing their love and care for Jesus. They were mourning the loss of their good friend. It was love that gave them the strength to continue doing the rituals for the dead. On the day of His resurrection, Jesus appeared to Mary and her sorrows turned into joy. She then proclaimed the good news to the Apostles; she had witnessed Christ’s resurrection.

In our lives, God knows the way to how He will console and give comfort to those of us who are brokenhearted during times of separation or at the loss of our loved ones. Eventually, the day comes when we can overcome the overwhelming feelings of pain, grief, anxiety, loneliness, anger and other negative feelings.  This is a time of healing and acceptance.  Let us look upon the painful experiences of the Apostles, the women of Jerusalem, Mary the Mother of Jesus and how they overcame the pain of losing such a good friend, a son, a dear person that was so close to them. Let us learn from them how to handle this situation and ask Jesus, through prayer, to help us that we may be able to accept, to heal and to have enough strength to go on. Let us continue on our life’s journey with great faith and with hope for a brighter future ahead of us.

Just as the two disciples of Jesus who were on their journey on the road to Emmaus discovered, Jesus is always ready to listen to us, to walk with us and to be close to us.  God will continue to raise us up and assure us that He will never leave us alone. We look forward to the joy of His resurrection in our everyday journey. We carry on being the witnesses of the Resurrected Christ who we have encountered in our day to day experiences. In Him is our joy, and our life.  We are complete when Christ is with us.

Image of two disciples and Jesus by Gebhard Fugel [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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