Our Lenten journey

Follow Jesus. Image of crucifix from turbacktogod.com

The Lenten season is when we spend more intense time in prayer, doing penance and offering sacrifices, and performing good deeds for others.  These are our practices as Catholics.

As the days progressively move towards Holy Week – we are now so close to the peak of Lent – we increasingly feel the deep sorrow, pains and silence of this time because we are journeying with the suffering Christ. The daily liturgical readings taken from the scriptures are of great help to us in better understanding the suffering that Jesus has undergone.  We accompany Him in His agony and on His way to His death, as He obeys His Father’s will, ultimately offering His life for us to be saved from the darkness of sin. What a great sacrifice He has made – and all because of His love for us.

Soon we shall be commemorating the last days of Jesus’ life, experiencing a deep sorrow as we recall all the painful moments experienced by Him and those who were there with Jesus. Being one with Him and partaking in His agony is an intense participation where we place ourselves in at least one of the scenes of His Passion. We are called to be with Him united in our prayers, contemplating the life He spent for us and the love that He has offered – and still offers – for us.

Thinking that there is somebody greater than us who died out of His love for us, we continue to be thankful for the gift of Jesus’ love and we strive to be His instrument, sharing His love for others. We, too, die to ourselves, in our own little way for the sake of Christ loving us, as our great purpose. Then we are truly able to rejoice as we face the Resurrected Christ.

Graphic includes crucifix from turnbacktogod.com

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