Thinking of Him means…

Contemplating God.

Thinking about God, we realise that knowing Him is all about love. We never get tired and bored of contemplating Him because His words and deeds convey to us the purest and truest love.  When we reflect upon Him, He deeply penetrates our hearts. He is the perfect example of love, showing us how to live with love concretely in our life. He does not speak with empty, useless words and His actions always have the reason of loving us – He really is concerned for us.

All about God is love because wherever we are He is there… He is forever present whenever we need Him, most especially in our down moments. His words and deeds are sincere and He guides us to the way of perfection in living, loving and being one of His faithful followers. There is nothing to be afraid of – we just need to be near Him and lean upon Him and He will always comfort us. He never stops trying to convince us about the strength of His love for us. His passion is to love us with all of His heart – that is why He gives us inspiration day by day so that we will not have a bad fall.  And even when we do fall,  He is there to rescue us from any danger.

Let us turn to God and open the doors of our hearts in loving Him. Remember, His Being is all about love. Growing closer to Him every day, in our moments of our constant prayer, helps us to gain knowledge and wisdom of Him. Every day with Him is a constantly developing relationship, forming our whole being to be like Him. We are made in His own image and we are a reflection of that which we want to tell and show the world: He is living in us and He is real!

Do not be afraid – He is always there for us.  Just as He was there for Saint Annibale when he was ordained a priest in the Church of the Holy Spirit in Messina, Italy on this very day in 1878.  And it was for the love of God and neighbour, that Saint Annibale founded the Daughters of Divine Zeal on 19 March 1887.  To this day, we know what thinking of God means… it is all about love.

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