Every day I love You

Gaze of love. Image courtesy of pexels.com

Contemplating the love of Christ is the deepest desire of the soul who is thirsting for His love.

Every day is a chance to live in Your love Lord. In loving You is the strength of my life. You give me inspiration of how to live this life with purpose. You keep Your eyes on me – even when I lose sight of You when I give in to what is destructive.

Many times I run to You, Lord, in prayer to say sorry and ask for forgiveness. With Your mercy and compassion You accept me. You are there, always ready to rescue and give comfort when failures, doubts and temptations pull me down. I accept that at times I long for others’ love but deep inside my heart, I know that You are more than anything else in this world and the universe.  You are not counting my failures but instead You are constantly raising me up and restoring my dignity. You make my life become better.

It is faith that helps me and keeps me holding on to following You because I see in You the most faithful One. Every day You love me, Lord, and I have my deepest desire to love You too in my heart, my mind, my soul – my whole being. I do not know if forever is even enough to say how much I love You. I want to pray that this Divine Love will be the beating of my heart, the echoing sound in which I hear You saying to me that you love me. There are some people who disagree with me about this but there are many more people surrounding me, who inspire me so much.

Thank You, Lord, for being with me always. Thank You, Lord, for all those who express their love for me and thank You, Lord, for my experience of loving them too. I hope that someday I will reach the perfection of Your love.  Let me, Lord, be Your instrument and a messenger of Your Love.

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