God is love

God is love. Composite images from pixabay.com

It is all about love when we think of God because God is love and love is God. It is only my own opinion that the month of February is important to celebrate because it is dedicated to all lovers, highlighted by St Valentine‘s Day which is celebrated half way through the month on 14 February. During this time, decorations, food, garments, etc, can visibly express the symbol of love in the form of a heart.  This can be seen even within classrooms, malls and department stores, and offices.

The month of February has its sign of the heart – whether this is seen as single, double, or triple hearts, a heart with an arrow going through it, or a heart with one or more angels.  Wherever there is the heart symbol, it is understood that it represents love and so we are reminded of love. It has already become commercialised but the meaning remains the same… it is all about LOVE.

Valentines Day is indeed a special day about love but we must not forget to recognise that the source of this love is God – the love of God. He is the King of all hearts and love comes from Him.

We love because He first loved us. (1 John 4:19)

No one can fail with His love because He loves all – we are in His Heart and whether or not we realise this, He is in our hearts. His love is everlasting. The throbbing of our heartbeats sound like… God loves, God loves, God loves… reminding us that He is loving us at that very moment.  He never stops loving us.

…I have loved you with an everlasting love… (Jeremiah 31:3)

We cannot say that February is only for worldly lovers or romantic lovers. Love is universal and, as mentioned previously, this love comes from God, who always loves us. All love is centred on Christ’s love. If it comes from God it bears fruit, never fails, never gives up even in the midst of difficulties… it continues to love from womb to tomb – and beyond.

As human beings, we have different ways of expressing our love according to our state in life (eg married life, priestly or religious life, lay consecrated life and single blessedness) but it is the same love that God offers to each one of us. Look always to the King of Hearts who offers His unconditional love, all the time. Sometimes we are distracted – that is why we can forget to love Him and forget that He unceasingly loves us – and we love with conditions.  Yet, He never forgets to love us.

As a religious, on the very first day of the month we, the Daughters of Divine Zeal, do our Perpetual Adoration where we spend a whole day in adoration and prayer.  For me, it is something special because this is my Holy Date with Jesus, the Most Holy One, the King of all hearts. It is a lovely day to be with Him, it is wonderful! I always look forward to this day to be with Him and only for Him.  O what a special Holy Date with Jesus! I will be spending my Valentines Day with You, Jesus, and everyday!  Let us pray together:

“Thank You Jesus for loving me always. Help and teach me to love You forever and I pray to continue to love you forever more. Amen.”

I offer you the following beautiful song as a small reflection of the love God has for us and our love for Him.  God’s love is perpetual (He does not make mistakes as per verse 2 but we humans do and He still loves us!).  May you share that Divine Love in your life. ❤

Image composed of two images from pixabay.com

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