Walking on with God’s abiding love

Walking with God. Image courtesy of pexels.com

Day by day we walk towards a certain destination to which we are called. This is a call from God to journey with Him. He accompanies us and we never feel alone because He has promised us this:

“And remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” (Mt 28:20)

Contemplating the love of Christ is the deepest desire of the soul who is thirsting for His love. Everyday is a chance to live in Your love Lord. Loving God is the strength of our life and He gives us inspiration on how to walk on in our life, with a purpose.

The Lord encourages us and gives us inspiration to walk with Him in faith. This is God’s concern for us. He wants us to be inspired in our daily walking. He shows how much He cares and loves us so that we not need be afraid of anything.

Being reminded of His love will always be our strength – it keeps us going and moving on until the end of our journey. We certainly reach our destination with a great desire for God.  Sacrifices, patience, commitment and love drive and push us to the limit so that we may proceed with confidence in pursuing our destination. Everyday He loves us.

We are thankful of God’s unconditional love; it keeps us abiding in Him, in His love. We are  challenged to keep going on, all for the glory God, and His love for us.

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