Jesus is enough

Madre Nazarena. Image courtesy of

Today the Daughters of Divine Zeal commemorates the Death Anniversary of Mother Nazarena who is the co-foundress of the Institute. She died on January 25, 1939 at Messina, Italy in the Church of the Holy Spirit.

The beloved first mother superior general of the FDZ was well remembered for her love of God and neighbour. She is like the shadow, the female version of Fr. Annibale the founder,  who enfleshed in her life the spirit of Rogate, for the salvation of humanity.

I remember one of her famous words where she said:

If we have Jesus with us, that’s all we need. Everything else will be all right.

In her lifetime, her experiences always centered on God, everything was for God that is why she was able to serve needy people in prayer and perform good deeds – she saw in them the face of God.  They were the harvest: the poor, orphans, the abandoned, labourers, the sick, the old, prisoners, beggars and others. She offered her love and good service always deeply rooted in the heart of God.

Madre Nazarena’s legacy to us is that our life be centered in God, that He is the source of our strength.  She reminds us that God is the only Enough For Us because He is, in fact, everything for us.

One of the last words of prayer from Mother Nazarena was:

My Jesus, I love You with infinite love and I offer myself forever. Through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, as a sacrificial victim to the merciful love of Your Sacred Heart. Bless me, embrace me, sanctify me.

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