Motherhood and peace

Mary, Queen of Peace. Image courtesy of

Year 2016 is well and truly over and we are now 12 days into the new year.  Let us take a moment to recall the important events we have experienced so far. With the passing of the old year, it has been a time say goodbye and welcoming in another year and another chapter of our life. We are thankful for the wonderful experiences and we say sorry for the times when we have failed and been unfaithful in fully living our God-bestowed journey with love, good service, commitment and responsibility. It is a time to once again resolve to improve our life so that we are able to live this year with a joyful commitment in prayer and better service for others.

At the end of each year we are focused on Jesus’ birth.  Even now, we are still in the joyful mood of celebrating Christmas. With the turning of our calendars back to January, we observe that each new year begins with a special day with Mary, leading us to ponder upon her motherhood. This helps us to start our journey of life for the opening year.

Mary, being the Mother of God, lived her faith in God by trusting everything to the Divine Will.  Constant prayer nurtured Mary’s faith and intense love of God, and it immensely helped her on her journey, especially when she faced life’s challenges and difficulties. There were occasions in her life where she visibly demonstrated her motherhood.  For example, when she received the good news that her cousin Elizabeth was pregnant, Mary did not waste time – she immediately visited her and offered a helping hand. In her own nine months of pregnancy, awaiting the birth of Jesus, Mary had time to ponder in her heart the things that had happened and that had been predicted in her life. Being the Mother of God, she accepted with a grateful heart all the things that had happened in her life. Even though she had unpleasant experiences, she in her attitude remained dignified and as a peaceful contemplative.

Peace is the important message on the first day of the new year.  Mary, the Queen of Peace, taught us to remain in peace – to have a peaceful heart because it is in the heart that peace reigns despite the chaotic world we live in. We can still bring peace to the whole world.

The Spirit gifted us that source of peace: Mary carried in her womb and gave birth to the Prince of Peace, Jesus.  Every year’s entry point brings us the message of Mary’s nurturing motherhood, love and peace on earth.  Let us, then, reflect on Mary, the Queen of Peace, and upon Jesus, the Prince of Peace.  It is Jesus who leads us on the path of peace and reconciliation – and where there is peace there is joy and love in everything.

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