Following the star

Star gazing. Image courtesy

Epiphany conveys to us the presence of God, His manifestation through a star. Yesterday’s Solemnity of the Epiphany of the Lord reminds us of a strong, important sign and symbol of the star appearing in the sky that leads the three wise men to seek the newborn baby Jesus Christ, the King of all Kings. Once they saw the star, their hearts were filled with joy, and they excitedly followed that star. Their eagerness to meet Jesus inspired them to find the Child and pay homage to Him. Then, once they saw the Child they gave precious gifts to the Holy Family as a sign of their respect and honour to the newborn King.

Like the three wise men, once we experience the presence of God in our life we feel such joy within that cannot be kept only for ourselves.  It must be manifested in our life and we radiate this joy to others. So this becomes a shared happiness so that everybody is happy. For sure in our life we experience the joy that is within us, and that joy is a gift from God. The source of our joy comes from the star of our life that we are following, the star that we want always to look up to, to be with, and with which to enjoy the moment. So, looking at our life experiences, that which we identify as the source of our inspirations, strength and happiness in life deserves our heartfelt gratitude for being the light in our life…. this is the star of our life. Who or what do you think is the star that you are following?

Above all and among all stars, God is the perfect star of our life. We are only the starlets or the stardust that gives joy to others. We are just a little spark from the immense Source. Let us be thankful to God who is that star and the source of our life.  Let us continue to draw our strength from Him and be the messenger of His love, and the mirror which reflects and gives light in the darkness.

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