The best ever gift

The gift of self.  Graphic based on image courtesy of

Pause. Ponder.  Prepare.  A reflection for you as we make our way into Christmas…

Gifts are a precious and significant thing from the giver. Any gift given has always been with great purpose and importance that comes from within, that connotes or speaks of the heart of the one who gives. No one has ever missed a gift, each one receives it whether it is big or small. The best ever gift given to humanity, however, is Jesus – God the Father has given us His only beloved Son.

Jesus is the most precious gift of the Father because He is His only Son. How much very important is Jesus to Him. This is measured in how big His love is for us, so immense that He gives His beloved Son to us. God wants us all to be saved. He gives the best, gives beyond and above all other precious things to Him in order for us to understand the big love He has for us. And Jesus, too, in order for us to understand how much He loves us, was born for us, became man like us, and offered His life for us until death.

This is the true spirit of Christmas.  The love of God for us is abundant and freely given to us so that we may have life to the full. This love we have received from Him is also to be shared.

We need not boast that we love – we simply need to be grateful because we are loved by God. If God is out of our life, our life will be miserable, meaningless and useless. We are nothing without God. We too need to continue to be loving and sharing His love. Let us be an instrument of His love to share with others and to be a living gift of God for others. It is a treasured commitment, a covenant of love of God for us. Our joy is complete with His love!

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Graphic based on image courtesy of

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