The cost of following Christ

Love Jesus

In life, we have to consider many things to make our decisions and choices, particularly the vocation to which we are called, and what we deeply desire and how we want to respond. Following Christ in the religious life is not easy because its cost is a life totally dedicated to God. In our following Jesus, there is sometimes a feeling of uncertainty, as we wonder if that is the vocation that we want to respond to, and to be faithful to, until the end of our existence.

Following the Divine Call is a daily journey of perseverance to reach the end while being faithful to the vows of chastity, poverty, and obedience. It is said that God calls many but only few actually respond.  It is true, the religious life is not easy – it is a matter of faith that we have to be certain in our conviction, be sincere with ourselves and authentic to that inner desire that we are called by God. Once we respond to God’s call we feel the freedom and the inner joy, deep within ourselves, is so strong. It is important too to trust in Him to do His will for us and to humble ourselves to be formed by Him. To dare to follow Him is to be motivated by our faith – even though our faith is only a spark it can be enough for us to hold onto the call.

Prayer is an important factor that give us strength to make right decisions. The faith that we have is so little but to nurture it daily, we need to be in constant contact with Him in prayer.  This is very important for perseverance. If we are faithful, we grow and mature in our faith. It is an everyday journey that we have to consider to be able to grow and be balanced in our being spiritually, psychologically and emotionally. In following God we put Him at the centre of our life, our family, community, friends, and apostolate.

The cost of following Christ may seem high – the rewards, however, are immeasurable and infinite.

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