Right from the start

God - Hand - HeartEvery creature is a manifestation and fruit of God’s love and every human being is loved by God. Right from the start of our existence, God is loving us and cares for us. We are here because of the purpose that is already set before us to live life with love to the fullest for God the Most High.

During the times when we are not minding God, when He is not our first priority in life, it can cause us to deviate from Him and the real purpose of living in this challenging world. We are blinded by many unnecessary things in this world that keep us busy. We fall and God raises us up again and He accepts us wholeheartedly because He cares and loves us so dearly.

God still continues manifesting His love. He never forgets us.  Instead, He patiently waits and waits for us to come and be near to Him, to communicate with Him. Then, somehow, we realize that we need Him the most when we have lost our way towards Him.

Let us renew our daily loving commitment and responsibility to choose God as the most important, the number one priority of our life. Let us be grateful for His unconditional love with a renewed hope that we may grow in wisdom of loving Him day by day through constant communication with him in our moments of prayer. How wonderful it is when we share His love freely through our service, relationships and, most of all, towards those people who are most in need of our care, affection and attention.

Giving back the gift of love we have received from Him is the source of our inner joy that is deeply rooted in our heart. Once we have experienced the beauty of giving love and being in love, it is easy to give love to others. When there is love there is God – a God who is love and who dwells within us, right from the start of our existence.

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