He has chosen us to be His own

Isaiah 43

Since from the beginning of our life God takes care of us because He loves us. He chose us to be His own people.  Never doubt His love because we are born out of His unconditional love. He gives everything and He sets us free to live our life with total trust and confidence in Him.

But sometimes we fail to see the greatness and overflowing ways of His love because we are blinded by all of the material things that are offered to us as means of instant pleasure, love and relationships.

No one wants to have to endure suffering however we have failed to maintain a connection with God because we are too busy with many unnecessary things in life.  That is why we become easily diverted – attracted or distracted by worldly matters that are not lasting, and are not as valuable or meaningful to our deeper, spiritual life.

Deep down, in the silence of our heart, God is calling us to live again in His presence. To choose Him as the centre of our existence, as the One who brought us life with total perfection and happiness. Even though we can be unresponsive to Him, we are always in His love.  Regardless of our many misgivings, we are always with and in God – and He continues to choose us to be His own.

God never tires of winning us back to Him again and again, so that He can give us the immense outpouring of His love. He is waiting for us and leading us  towards Him because we are His very own inheritance. That is God’s nature.  He is faithful and never gets tired of loving us. We learn from Him that He is a true friend – a friend that never leaves us and never gives up on us.  A friend that never will ‘unlike’ or ‘unfriend’ us during our tough times and in our misunderstandings.  He is always there to give support and inspiration to us in our daily tasks.

So then, why not choose God as the centre of our life? He is the most sincere One has who offered His faithful love and support. Our joy will be complete and we shall reach the perfection He intended for us if we allow Him to be part of us and the core of our life.

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