Reaching others makes a difference

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“Experiences in the Apostolate make me wonder how much our Merciful God is delighted.” — Sr Tina, FDZ

Years past as a young religious nun, I was so enthusiastic to be in my new assignment.  I was assigned to be with the children in our orphanage.  The children were all amazing with their simplicity and smiles.  They came from poor families and some of them were orphans without a father or a mother.  They stayed with us temporarily until they finished their studies.  I am very grateful to God because those children now are professionals and got decent work.  Some got married and were gifted with children.

That orphanage continues to this day.  I thank God for His continued blessings and for the help of our friends and benefactors, they who shared their blessings for our apostolate.

On one occasion, I had an experience that deeply touched me.  It was with a family who had converted to the Catholic faith.  Aside from being with the orphans, I would go out for home visitations every Saturday afternoon.  These were moments for me to get to know and befriend many people, and to share the Catholic faith.  After some months of catechism with them, one family had the desire to be baptized in the Catholic faith.  They were ready to give up the cult they had been following.  I was so happy and I felt that my mission on earth had been accomplished.  It may seem such a simple event, but the impact on me was so great, as they were being drawn closer to God.  I knew God was the one who touch their hearts to embrace the Catholic faith.  I am just His instrument who reaches out to others to share the faith.  God says:

I will bring them back to live in Jerusalem; they will be my people, and I will be faithful and righteous to them as their God. (Zechariah 8:8)

My experience in the Apostolate makes me wonder how much our merciful God is delighted with small or big acts of kindness that have been done to others.  He must be delighted in a way that is beyond all understanding.  Trying to do our best to please our God we know that it is for all His glory and for the salvation of others.

Jesus came on earth and started building the Church and announcing the Kingdom.  Today, over two thousand years later, the work is not yet finished and still going on.  It is a huge task and we need to participate more in proclaiming the Kingdom of God.  The mission is going on and I thank God for choosing me, among the many women on earth, to follow Him and share in His mission.

Young men and women do you feel the vocation to follow Christ through the priesthood and religious life? Maybe you are one of the many who are called by God.  Take courage, for many are called but few are chosen (Mt 22:14).  Let us join together in reaching out to our brothers and sisters, and let them experience the loving mercy of God.  Many are still to be reached – you can make all the difference!

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