The effects of Rogate

Pray. Image courtesy pixabay.comMy years living in prayer have been of great help in my life. Prayer has affected my way of relating to God and others and it has had many effects in my life as a religious sister of the Daughters of Divine Zeal congregation. This “Rogate”, the particular praying for vocations, is our fourth vow – it is the charism,  the source, the strength and the way of life of the institute in which I have been called to live.

Belonging to the congregation of the Daughters of Divine Zeal, the Rogate is indeed a daily challenge to answer Jesus’ divine command:

Pray therefore the Lord of the Harvest to send out holy labourers into His Harvest (Mt 9:35-38; Lk 10:2)

This prayer benefits my daily perseverance as a religious, to pray always, to become a holy labourer of the Lord’s vineyard and to zealously spread the importance of this prayer for the salvation of humanity.

Prayers do make miracles in people’s lives. Praying faithfully challenges us to live what we have preached. Praying with Jesus forms the heart of a person to be like Him who is compassionate and merciful to our brothers and sisters who are in most need. His sentiments become our sentiments as we live in His presence, being in communion with Him.

To pray in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ means to ask the graces through the merits of our Lord Jesus Christ; it means to lean on His divine merits which can obtain everything for us from his eternal Father. By praying in the name of Jesus we unite our prayers to the prayers of our Lord when He was praying in the time of His mortal life with a very perfect prayer that His eternal Father could not reject in any way. (St Annibale Maria Di Francia)

Prayer makes us become as radiant as the rising sun.  It illuminates our whole being and transforms the way we look, act, speak and think about things in life because God is manifested in our life.  This happened at the Transfiguration when the Apostles Peter, James and John witnessed the glory of Jesus when He was meeting with Moses and Elijah.  The brightness of the light is the effect of God’s presence and as we are in communion with Him, we become more like Him and we become a light that steadily shines throughout the dark moments of our life and in the lives of others.

Let our prayer be visible through our actions when we serve others with and in God. We need to remember that God lives in us. Prayer forms our whole being, and our hearts become like the heart of Jesus, filled with love and compassion, especially for those who are in most need, like people in an abandoned harvest.

Believing in the power of prayer is living with commitment and responsibility before God who directs us to do justice and offer truth towards others. He leads us to follow His way – that is why I am still here continuing my journey and following the Most Beloved One who gives me strength in every challenge, and blessings in every joy of my life. It is true that many distractions come along the way while meeting with God in prayer and throughout our daily activities, but all of these, with all our human weaknesses, need to be considered part of our prayer offering that all will be well. I know for myself that prayer helps to overcome my human limitations and it becomes even more fruitful when I do good deeds for others.

Let us keep on praying, and letting God’s light shine through us, all the days of our life.

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