God’s mysterious ways of loving us

Love the Lord
Image by Maurice Schnell [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
The love of God is in us and nobody can take His love away from us. We accept His mysterious ways of loving us. The knowledge that we have of His loving us is not only within our mind. For myself, I cannot be a Religious if it is only at ‘head level’.  I became a Religious because I deeply felt God’s love for me, a love that is beyond everything. Only have faith in God and you will experience His love at ‘heart level’.

God’s love is so powerful, life is energized and has a stimulus to do the same thing of loving Him and others.  Even though our love is not as perfect as His love, God makes our love reach to its perfection.

The more I accept God in my life, the more I face challenges to see His love with the eyes of faith and in His presence. He never gets tired of winning us back to Him.  That is His mercy and compassion showing us how much He cares for us and how important we are to Him. This is my real poverty of losing control in the power of God’s love.

Image courtesy of Maurice Schnell [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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