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FDZ Sisters - each one called by God
FDZ Sisters – each one called by God

God calls us to a particular vocation in life that leads us to live the holiness of life. Holiness is the general calling to all of us, to any particular vocation that we have answered. God calls us through many different ways, ages, cultures, races, nations, etc. It is He who takes the initiative.  He is the one who patiently waits for our response and He leaves us free to choose our particular vocation in life. We are responsible for what path we have chosen to travel on, so we can live in the fullness of life.

Each call has a purpose that lies ahead of us after we have responded to it. Commitment, responsibility, total dedication, humility, prayer and fidelity to that calling makes us persevere in it and it is important that we observe and live our lives before reaching the destination to which God has led us – that place He has prepared for us.

Let us continue to pray for our daily perseverance and be mindful that God will always be with us, helping us on our journey.

Prayer to follow Christ’s call

I thank you for the gifts you have given me,
especially for life, love, family and friends.

Help me to know myself better and my talents.
As I pray, study, and decide on my life’s work,
help me to see and understand
the path you open for me.

Help  me choose a life’s work,
which will be in response to my potential and your love.
If I am invited to follow you
as a Religious, Missionary or Lay consecrated,
give me a generous heart
to respond to your challenging call
and the strength to follow You
wherever you lead me.


Image courtesy of Daughters of Divine Zeal Italy

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