Celebrating days of birth, reflection and renewal

Pope Francis with FDZ Sisters, Rome, Italy
Pope Francis with FDZ Sisters, Rome, Italy

Saint Annibale Maria Di Francia is the Founder of the Daughters of Divine Zeal (FDZ) and the Rogationists of the Heart of Jesus (RCJ), the Apostle of Prayer for priestly and religious Vocations and the Apostle of Charity, in particular for Orphans and then Poor. Two days ago we celebrated a special day to commemorate his life: it was his 165th Birthday.

St Annibale’s legacy handed to his spiritual children will always be remembered for what he had lived to the fullest of his life: the Rogate to which Jesus commanded us (refer Mt 9:35-38 and Lk 10:2). The FDZ and RCJ congregations rejoice in celebrating his birthday.

XIII General Chapter 2016These days are important too to the two congregations St Annibale founded because of the General Chapter in Rome which is currently under way.  We pray for the success of the Chapter and that each person attending will listen to the promptings of the Holy Spirit. May their hearts, minds and souls obey the Holy Triune God’s inspiration that will lead them for the good of the congregations and the Church.

Dearest Mother General, Mother Teolinda Salemi and Mothers Chapter members, will send our affectionate wishes for the work of the XIII Ordinary General Chapter. May the Holy Spirit, the Virgin Mother, Our Divine Mother Superior, illuminate the minds and hearts in the discussions and decisions you must make.

The Founding Father and Mother Nazarena there are true role models, giving rise to our beloved Congregation from Avignone, Italy in their time. The Congregation expects of this Chapter a new twist and qualification of our presence in the Church and in the world.

Best wishes and keep up the good work.

Love from the FDZ community of Richmond, Australia

FDZ Sisters and Rogationists - 2016, Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome, Italy
FDZ Sisters and Rogationists – 2016, Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome, Italy

Prayer for the XIII General Chapter of the Daughters of Divine Zeal

WheatGod our Father,
We thank You
for having called us to the religious life
as Daughters of Divine Zeal.

In this time in which we are celebrating
ourselves for the XIII General Chapter,
we wish to ask you for the grace
to start afresh from “Avignone”
to find in the Eucharistic heart of Jesus, Your Son,
the centre of our life and mission.

We need a profound conversion,
personal and communitarian,
through Your Word.
Help us to find a new lifestyle
that will allow us
to announce the love of Christ to today’s world
for the mature harvest
which awaits the workers of the Gospel.

Send Your Spirit upon us
to help us read the signs of the time
and to discern what we need to change
in our personal lives,
and that which will give us a new change in our lives
and that which will give us a new missionary impulse.

Grant us to be authentic Daughters of Divine Zeal,
totally dedicated to the little ones and the poor.
We ask you through the intercession
of Mary Immaculate, our Divine Superior and Mother
and of St. Hannibal Mary and Madre Nazarena.


Images courtesy of Daughters of Divine Zeal, Italy – Photo Gallery | Image of wheat courtesy of pixabay.com

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