Eucharistic Feast of the Divine Founder

Eucharistic Adoration, FDZ Community in Alpinopolis, Brazil
Eucharistic Adoration, FDZ Community in Alpinopolis, Brazil

It has been one month since we celebrated the Feast Day of St Annibale Maria Di Francia (see our Facebook Album).  Today in our Institute,  the 1st of July is the Feast that finds its raison d’etre (reason to be) in the faith and the ardent love of our Father Founder, St Annibale Maria for Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. He believed that the effective date of birth of the Pious Work was 1st of July 1886 when, for the first time, Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament made His permanent abode in a small chapel of the Avignone quarter in Messina, Italy.

This “event” remained central in the life of Fr. Annibale and marked the beginning and the development of his works. He made the Eucharist the source of love from which to draw charity towards the poor and the children. From then to now, St. Annibale has entrusted to the Daughters of Divine Zeal and to the Rogationist Fathers this Eucharistic centrality, so they consider Jesus in the Eucharist as their True Founder.

The 1st of July is for us Daughters of Divine Zeal, the memorial of an event in which the nascent work is determined and in time is strengthened with the Bread of life, to project itself towards the “harvest”, in need of workers.

Image Source: Immagini Eucaristiche – Comunità in Adorazione, FDZ Italy

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