With obedience to the Divine Rogate of the Heart of Jesus

Rogate mesage and wheatToday we reflect on St Annibale’s words:

I will consider that the Church of Jesus Christ is the great field covered with ‘crops’: all the peoples of the world and the countless multitude of souls of all social classes and conditions. I will consider that most of these perish for lack of workers.

I will feel my heart pierced by so much destruction, especially for tender ‘crops’ which are the generations;  I will unite myself with the intimate pains of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus for so many continuous centuries-old misery and, remembering the holy Words of Jesus: “Rogate Ergo Dominum messis, ut mitat operarios in messem suam”, I will believe that the salvation of the peoples, nations, the society, the Church, especially of children and the youth, for the evangelisation of the poor and for any spiritual and temporal good for the human family, there will never be a more effective and supreme remedy than this command from our Lord Jesus Christ.

(St. Annibale. Writings, vol. 44 p. 129)

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