The zeal of Jesus’ heart

Rogate - Pray! Image of stained glass window courtesy of Colegio Santo Antonio, BrazilThe Rogate, “to pray”,  is born from the heart of Jesus.  So what is the zeal for Rogate?

  • Praying for good and holy vocations for the Holy Church is the true zeal of His heart. This is the expression of His mercy and compassion – zeal for Rogate is the remedy of saving souls.
  • It comes from the overflowing love of Christ for the lost humanity who are harassed and dejected.
  • It is His total oblation and commitment to the Most High.

The heart is the central part of the organ of the body and because this prayer for vocations comes from the heart of Jesus, it is very important that the zeal for Rogate is at the centre of all of our prayers and other prayers for the Church.  Praying for holy workers is the most urgent, important and central prayer of the Church as the immediate solution of the world’s social problems.  This prayer is a divine command of Jesus that springs from His Heart, urges us to continue praying for vocations, without ceasing, because we need more holy, committed, zealous, and new apostles in the Church. We dare say it by praying it in our hearts:

Send O Lord Holy Apostles into Your Church

Let it be the challenge to live what we have prayed.

Image of stained glass window courtesy of Colegio Santo Antonio, Brazil

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