St Anthony of Padua, pray for us!

St Anthony - Image courtesy Dio e il ProssimoCelebrating the Feast Day of St. Anthony of Padua today, we recall that the devotion to St. Anthony has had a central role in the history of our Institute. With the gift of the “bread of St. Anthony”, he has become the “outstanding benefactor of the Pious Work of the interests of the Heart of Jesus” as proclaimed by Fr. Annibale Maria on June 13, 1901.

St. Anthony, when we have not yet thought of him, has seen us through, has obtained for us an ever growing increase in spiritual and temporal help of every kind, beautiful, difficult and unexpected graces and an always new stability for our houses. I, my dear children, who have carried exceptional burdens and the sterile labors of the Work for many years, feel a profound gratitude towards our most beloved and sweetest saint, which you yourself must also feel. (Writings, Vol.34, p. 133)

Prayer to the “Wonder Worker”

St Anthony of Padua - Image courtesy of Dio e il ProssimoAfter you died, St. Anthony,
God chose to make your holiness
known to the world and
to draw people by working miracles
in answer to prayers made in your name.

Since then, people have asked God to continue to honour you by working wonders
through your intercession.
Those who have experienced
the power of prayers offered in your name
have told how God has answered them.
God has healed the sick,
restored peace of mind,
relieved poverty and
granted favours of all kinds.

Now in this time of need, I ask you, St. Anthony,
to pray with me for the things I desire.
I pray that God may again give me a sign of loving care and providence, and
that through you, God may draw us all
to the fullness of life and love in eternity.


Source: Prayers to St Anthony – National Shrine of St Anthony in Cincinnati | Images courtesy of Dio e il Prossimo

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