video A time to meet with Jesus

Spend time with the Lord
Spend time with the Lord

Is your heart filled with joy when in the presence of your loved ones? Time seems to fly so quickly yet you may never notice it because you are so engrossed with the other and enjoying the present moment. This is the same feeling that you can have with Jesus in prayer.

A regular set time to meet with Jesus is important because it helps you to prepare yourself to be in His presence.  It gives you a kind of readiness to spend quality time with Him. It helps you to grow in your relationship with Him.  Your constant communication with Him will deepen your knowledge of and love for Him.

If you can set a time to meet Jesus, your heart also becomes set on looking forward, being ready and feeling eager to be with Him. Thus your heart is filled with excitement because you know already the time that you are to encounter Him. These feelings are the same feelings you feel when meeting with your loved ones. Jesus becomes a real person in you. Your heart cannot deny Him and you can never forget Him. As a regular daily commitment, it becomes an automatic part of your life – and you will never end the day without communicating with Him. So choose a right time to be Jesus and enjoy these precious moments with Him.  Is it not wonderful and worthy to be with Him and have Him speak to your heart?

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