video Together at the breaking of the bread

Celebration of the EucharistMealtimes are one of the very important parts of our daily lives and we must ensure that the food we take in is healthy so that it keeps our body strong and gives us the energy to live our lives. Mealtimes are also a common act of being together. They create a culture of unity, communion and sharing.

Mealtimes with our family or friends are necessary – they are indeed a sign of sharing the presence and experiences of others. Try not to make a habit of having meals in the absence of others such as your family and friends. Eating at irregular or different times without them is not a good practice because it creates  individualism and the mealtimes lose their essence of communion, of being together. Whether the meals are prepared at home or in any other places, it is good to be together.

Our mealtimes can have parallels to the celebration of  the Eucharist: this Divine Meal with the Lord is a big celebration attended by people from different walks of life.  It is where all are invited to be there in communion with Jesus as the Host and with other faithful. In the Banquet of the Lord, the Eucharist energizes us in His real presence in the Minister – His Words and the bread and wine which turn into His Body and Blood and the presence of each one. We are there in His abiding presence and He is together with us at the breaking of the bread.

There are powerful gestures  in liturgy of the Eucharist  where the minister takes the bread, gives thanks, breaks it and shares it with others. These important actions gives us an example of how we are the bread being broken and shared for others. Jesus shares His very self, His body and blood, with us. This is a sign that we should be available to share our service with others. The Lord enters into our being –  He becomes part of us and we are becoming  the “altri Cristi” or the other Christ. He gives himself to us because of His enormous love to be willing to be part of us. He is a gift given by the Father. Our awareness of receiving Jesus into our life is a challenge – we can have no room for discriminating  against others’ presence because in seeing others we should be seeking to see Christ in them. We also become the bread for others, broken and shared. This is the mission that Christ is calling us to continue partaking in His life, being a shared bread for all humanity. Yes, simple meals are very important to be in Jesus’ presence, in union with Him, and together with our family and friends.

May every Eucharistic celebration motivate us to join and meet with Jesus. He gives us joy in our hearts to dine with Him. In the Eucharist we are with Him as our bread of life, the One who energizes us for our daily living. Never miss out on participating in  partaking the breaking of the bread because He is right there waiting for us, in every celebration of the Eucharist.

Aspiration to the Eucharistic Jesus – Anima Christi

Soul of Christ sanctify me.
Body of Christ, save me.
Blood of Christ, inebriate me.
Within Your wounds hide me.
Permit me not to be separated from thee.
From the evil enemy defend me.
In the hour of my death call me:
And bid me come to thee,
That, with Your saints, I may praise thee
forever and ever.


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