The birth of the Church

Come down, O Holy Spirit!The Solemnity of Pentecost closes the Easter cycle and is an opportunity to deepen our rapport with the Holy Spirit, to meet Him with greater constancy and fidelity, so as to fill us with His gifts, to evaluate our insertion in and our availability to serve the Church, letting ourselves be guided in reading the signs of the times and to live our charism in ever new ways.

Prayer for the Holy Spirit

I ask You, Lord, for the gift of your Spirit,
Where it penetrates, it transforms everything,
changes the weak into strong,
the ignorant into wise,
the timid into brave,
the negligent into active,
the lukewarm into fervent.

Grant me this Holy Spirit,
Who dispels the darkness of my mind,
who infuses me with the knowledge of heavenly things,
who inflames my heart with love and zeal,
who makes me aware of my nothingness,
who detaches me from everything and from myself,
who fills me with the most holy desires,
to  know Jesus, to love Him, to imitate Him
and to sacrifice myself for His glory.

Grant me this, Divine Lover,
who descends on me
with the vehemence of his divine Work,
so that I may be His fortunate prey,
totally conquered and dwelt upon by Him
totally taken and consumed in Jesus.

O Father,
who in the mystery of Pentecost
sanctifies Your Church in every people and nation, spread to the ends of the earth
the gifts of the Holy Spirit and
continue today in all believers and
in our community the wonders that
You have done since the beginning of the preaching of the Gospel.

Through Christ our Lord.

(United in Prayer pp. 199-201)

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