video In this month of Mary

The month of May is particularly dedicated to Our Lady the Blessed Virgin Mary. She is the perfect model of all vocations. At her very young age, she was called and chosen as the mother of God. In her total “Fiat” or “Yes” to God, salvation history was made possible. She did it because of her enormous love for God – a love that she could not resist and led her to answer with a humble heart and total trust.

As a follower of God, let us learn from her virtues and ask, through her intercession, that she will teach and guide us in the ways to grow in our love for His Son Jesus.


O Holy Mother,
hasten to increase in the Church
good workers.

Hasten  with that same concern
with which you went to the house of Elizabeth,
bringing Jesus and all the graces.

Hasten to visit
our community and enrich it
with good evangelical workers,
who will bring Jesus in the hearts of all
and spread the kingdom of God to all souls.


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