St. Joseph, custodian of vocations

St JosephIn the life of St. Joseph, he was called by God to be the foster Father of Jesus Christ. He tried his best to protect Mary and Jesus from any danger, especially during the time when King Herod knew that the Messiah had been born in Bethlehem.

Let us continue to pray for all families, where the vocations come from, and pray that the parents be the role models of Christian life and  continue to support the chosen vocation of their children.

Prayer for vocations: St Joseph, custodian of vocations

St Joseph and baby Jesus
St Joseph and baby Jesus

St. Joseph,
spouse of Mary and paternal custodian of Christ,
you are the model for us
of obedience, promptness
of silent courage and industriousness.
Teach us the interior virtue
of which you are the teacher.
You are the Patron of the Universal Church,
intercede for us so that the world
will never lack true Pastors of the people of God
who choose to serve the brothers in fervent activity
as you have served worthily
Christ the Lord and the Virgin Mother,

Guard always the vocations,
so that the Christian community
will always be guided
by fire and generous people.


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