A Feast Day for all labourers

St Joseph and baby Jesus
St Joseph and baby Jesus

Labour Day in Victoria, Australia is a public holiday on the second Monday of March.  Internationally, Labour Day is observed on 01 May.  As Catholics, it is a special day to celebrate because it is a day dedicated to all labourers, who are under the protection of St. Joseph the worker.

On this day, we remember to pray for all the workers who are working hard, earning a living for their families. We give honour to all the workers who are loyal and dedicating their lives passionately to their years and years of work, doing great things in their respective jobs that uplift their dignity of living and give their best for others.

We give honour to St. Joseph today as he is one of the models of those who worked honestly for their family. As a father he gives the value of working for God by doing His will and for his family. We pray for all men, and especially for all fathers, that they may imitate the life-giving example of St. Joseph who is deeply rooted in God’s love as the source of his strength for his family.

Even more so, we pray for those men who are not working in the right way: those who are engaging in doing unjust work that affects so many others.  May they realize how much they cause disharmony and chaos to their fellow human beings.

Prayer to St. Joseph

To you, O Blessed Joseph,
oppressed by tribulation, we recourse to you,
and full of confidence we invoke your patronage,
together with that of your most holy spouse Mary.

O, for that holy bond of love
that bound you
to the Immaculate Virgin Mother of God,
and for the paternal love that you bore
for the child Jesus,
look, we pray you, with a kindly eye,
at the dear heritage that
Jesus Christ acquired with his blood,
and with your power and help, assist our needs.

Protect, O provident guardian of the Holy Family,
the chosen offspring of Jesus Christ;
avert from us, O most loving Father,
the plague of errors and of vices
that infect the world;
assist us propitiously from heaven
in this struggle with the power of darkness,
O our most strong protector;
and as you once saved from death
the threatened life of the child Jesus,
so now defend the Holy Church of God
from hostile snares and from every adversity
and cover each of us with your continuous patronage,
so that with your example and with your help
we can live virtuously, die piously
and attain happiness in heaven.

(United in Prayer p.417)

Image courtesy of turnbacktogod.com


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