Witnessing my life

Each one is called to be a promoter of her or his own vocation in life. As a religious belonging to the congregation of the Daughters of Divine Zeal, I am called to be a witness for my religious life.

Recently, I had the chance to participate in a celebration for Vocation Awareness Week at Loyola College in Watsonia, Victoria. At first I was hesitant to go there because it is far and to get there I would have to take three kinds of transportation: tram, train and bus. It was really a big temptation for me to not go. However, I soon realized that this was a rare opportunity and that I would regret not participating in the said activity. These feelings of uneasiness and fear would not stop me – my commitment moved me to decide to attend.  These negative feelings would not be a hindrance and were far surpassed by my great desire to meet the Loyola College students at the event and to witness my life. Therefore, I began to ask for help to prepare the vocation materials that would be needed, and on how to reach the event’s venue.

Two days before the activity, I travelled to Loyola College to post up vocational materials on a display about the Daughters of Divine Zeal and the Rogationists of the Heart of Jesus.  I became more inspired as I saw other sisters and brothers from the different congregations setting up their own displays of vocational materials.

On the first day of the Vocation Awareness Week event, I arrived early at the College for a scheduled meeting with the Year 11 students. A Colomban priest and myself shared our vocation stories and the students were very attentive. They were spontaneous in their questions to us and, answering them, one after another, I was so happy and felt fulfilled at that time because I hadn’t deprived them of my presence.

Sr Cielo FDZ at Vocations Awareness Week, Loyola College in Watsonia, Victoria

For me, what moved me to attend this special event at their College, was a spark of zeal and eagerness, despite the discomfort that I had felt. I was happy to tell them that I was here because God had chosen me to be here – His love gave me the inspiration and enthusiasm to come over to them, eager to meet and be with them. This was one way of responding to His call, in this kind of life, and witnessing my vocation. I told the students that it was a way of being a sign that a religious life is still possible nowadays, in this modern world.

I am thankful for my community for their prayerful support. I acknowledge also those who helped me in the preparation of the materials, the ones also who helped and guided me in reaching the place. I consider all of them as angels who accompanied me during my journey and when I was in need of help. I felt secured by their presence, their concerns and care.  I thank God above all for giving me the inspiration to go and speak to the students.

My fears and doubts were overcome with a total trust in God’s hand and providential care – He is already ahead of my journey and welcomes me with open arms to reach the place I need to go. I only had to make a step but God made a big leap for me. It was such a blessing and a kind of miracle that happened along the way, so that I was able to witness God’s love in my life to others.

How do you witness God’s love in your own life?

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