Prayer for vocations: Holy Spirit

Come, Holy Spirit!
Come, Holy Spirit!

As we approach Pentecost on 15 May, we recall that the Holy Spirit is the third person of the Holy Triune God and has a very important role in humanity because it is the Spirit who gives life. The Holy Spirit is the breath of life that keeps us inspired on the journey and is very instrumental in our vocation as the voice of God deep within who is calling us to good and to do His will.

Raise the prayer

Holy Spirit,
the lips are silent,
the mouths are still closed
to the powerful prayer commanded by Jesus.
For the sake of all the religious orders
and all the monasteries of the virgin spouses of Jesus,
do not cease to beseech that Divine Heart
until the world is filled

with saints, with the elects of the elects, and
with the ministers of the sanctuary,
which has become deserted.

Divine Spirit,
we do not know what to ask;
groan within us to snatch from the infinite mercy of the Heart of Jesus
this grace of graces, for the Divine glory and the salvation of humanity:
the good labourers of the Gospel.


(United in Prayer, pp. 344-345)

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