In His presence

God touches our lives in many different ways. Many times we are not aware that God is communicating with us.

In our prayers of meditation and contemplation on His words in the sacred scripture, He sends us messages that help us to live in God. His messages bring us into His presence and these moments are so real.  If we deeply feel and are in a state of joy, peace, awe and wonder, that is a clear sign of God’s abiding presence within us. In prayer inside a church or chapel, we feel His very presence.  Even outside our prayer time, when we meet people and hear kind words, experience their gentleness and simply the presence of another.  We can experience God’s love in the smile of a friend or a stranger we meet along the way, or in the presence of a child, the quietness and beauty of nature, the chirping of birds, the overall greatness of the universe.  Even in the midst of a noisy crowd, He is there too. Awareness is important because God is always communicating with us. God is limitless.

Yet, why do others do bad things or hurt other people? Why is there a lack of care for the environment? Why do others seem so fond of war and killing innocent people? It is because there is a lack of awareness that God is present.

Remember that we must not stop on that level of God’s awareness only.  We can transform that awareness into doing something good in life. Pray, always, that you are aware of God’s presence. Wherever you are and whatever you do, do what is good in in God’s Name and let Him be the reason to live your life in His presence.

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