The Holy Apostles – models of vocations

Jesus and Twelve Apostles

The Twelve Apostles were simple, chosen people called by Christ to follow Him. He formed them to be the messengers of the Good News of the kingdom of God. To this day, they are the models of vocations and each one responded uniquely the call of Christ.

A prayer for vocations:
One Fold and One Shepherd

O Holy Apostles,
we beseech you to obtain for the holy Church
the gift of evangelical workers.

We ask you this grace
for the love of that adorable Jesus
who has chosen you from among the thousands,
for the sweetest charity
with which you instructed and suffered,
for the merits of his sorrowful Passion and death,
for the joy of which you were filled
such that you seem to ascend;
for the Holy Divine Spirit
which was sent upon you,
for the most special grace
with which you were protected,
enlightened, sustained and guided you
in all your apostolic ministry.

Remember that divine command
which was directed to you saying:
“The Harvest is truly plentiful,
but the labourers are few;
pray therefore the Lord of the Harvest
that He may send good labourers in His Harvest.”
(Mt 9:37-38; Lk 10:2)

Obey still from heaven this divine command;
pray that the Divine Mercy grants to all people,
in spite of every human unworthiness,
abundance of holy evangelical labourers,
in such a way that with faith propagated,
errors are abolished,
the kingdom of Satan is destroyed,
the kingdom of God is established in souls,
the Church of Jesus Christ triumphs in all the world,
and there be but one fold
and one shepherd.

(United in Prayer pp.270-271)



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