Instruments of God’s love

The light of faithEach day we are given the chance to contemplate the love of God. His love is encompassing, beyond any human love. Our heart and mind cannot contain the mysterious ways of God’s love for us, but we can grasp a little of this huge and great love of God, enough to understand that God really does love us.

Each day we are called to live God’s love, His love that gives life and hope for many of our brothers and sisters who live but seem lifeless – those of our brothers and sisters who have lost hope and faith. We are God’s instruments:

We are His heart that feels and shows love and care for others.

We are His feet that walks and visits our brothers and sisters who are in most need of help. 

We are His eyes that see the beauty of God’s creation, including those who are spiritually blind. 

We are His ears that attune to those who do not want to listen to the inner voice of God, who is calling us deeply within our heart, hearing only the noise that distresses us. 

We are God’s mouth that speaks and proclaims the Good News, especially to those who do not know Him.

We are His hands that reach out to care for and help people who are in distress and lonely.

We are His nose that detects the sweet scent of sanctity in a person.

FDZ Sisters in actionThese senses are God’s gifts, created for our good and the good of others.  We are not to use them in violence, whether that is in hurting ourselves or others. We have to take care of these senses because, through them, God commissions us to express His love for others.

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