Alleluia! The Lord is risen!

Happy EasterThe time of Easter is the time of the Alleluia, of joy, of exultation for the Resurrection of Jesus; in fact, the fifty days that follow from Easter Sunday to the Pentecost Sunday is celebrated in exultation and joy. It is a feast day of celebration, it is, indeed, “the great Sunday.” These are the days in which, in a very special way, the Alleluia is sung.

In this Easter season, each Daughter of Divine Zeal, intensifies her prayer to the Lord of the Harvest for the gift of “good workers”, an extension of the salvific mission of Christ.  We renew the joy of a new life that is given to our brethren, especially to the little ones and the poor.  We also meditate on our baptism, as an Easter event of our lives when we are reborn to a life of grace that is developed through the sacraments, and we rediscover the commitments of our religious consecration.

“This is the day that the Lord has made let us rejoice and be glad”(Ps 118:24)

In our hearts the mantra that we keep on repeating is the Alleluia. The whole of creation rejoices because the Lord is risen from the dead. His resurrection is the culmination of our Christian faith, above all, the mystery of His Resurrection is our hope that someday after  we’ve gone through our mission here on earth we will be joining Him in eternal happiness. His resurrection is the proof that our life on earth is only temporary and that God is preparing a place for us to be with Him.

We can start to live our heaven here on earth… but how? Is it possible? Yes, it is possible if we live in peace, justice, communion, harmony, love, etc. Isn’t it wonderful that heaven is here already and that we can continue singing the Alleluia together with the angels in heaven and on earth? Yes! So be it…

“With this joyful certainty in our hearts, today we turn to you, risen Lord!  Help us to seek you and to find you, to realize that we have a Father and are not orphans; that we can love and adore you.” — Pope Francis, 2015 Easter message

From all of us Daughters of Divine Zeal to you: happy journeying with the resurrected Christ in this season of Easter.


Image courtesy of | Pope Francis quote from Easter ‘Urbi et Orbi’ Message of Pope Francis (2015)

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